What does VOOT stand for?

Over the years Ive explained the acronym (more on that later) - but more recently Ive been thinking a bit more about that question.

What VOOT stands for, and has always stood for, is complete honesty and an ethical approach to businesses telephone needs. Having worked in the industry for as many years as I have, it still disappoints me that I find so many clients who have been 'ripped off' by independent telecoms providers (and some of the nationals)... Companies who have been sold things they didn't need. Or companies that have been tied into extortionate, long term contracts for systems that they still don't even own at the end... 

Personally I would like to see Ofcom dealing more robustly with these kind of tactics.

What you will get from Voot - is an honest appraisal of your current telecoms setup, a genuine approach to delivering you the best and most appropriate system that means you can readily tackle your own competitors, provide a better experience for your clients, and know that you have on your side a team of people who will keep you ahead of the technology curve. And not rip you off in the process.

We work with a wide range of businesses, local and national, one man band to large corporate. Every person is dealt with as we would expect to work with a friend. (I know that sounds corny - but its true)...

We'd love to talk to you.

Nigel Short

PS: The acronym. When VOOT was created in 2007 - we sold mobile only. On Vodafone, o2, Orange and T-Mobile. There you go (we didnt know what else to call ourselves) :-)