Voot communications

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A couple of years after we started trading we became of another company called VOOT trading nearby in the Huddersfield area. We never had any issues other than the occasional client of theirs who had googled the name and called us by mistake, and we always directed them to ‘the other VOOT’ so they could get their query dealt with.

Recently however we’ve been getting a lot of calls - and a little detective work reveals that their website has disappeared, and the company appears to have been ‘absorbed’ by a telecoms reseller in Northern Ireland.

Today we spent a lot of time on the phone dealing with a customer care issue for them - and he suggested he’d like to work with us for ongoing care rather than have to try and locate his former reseller.

If that describes you too - we’d only be too happy to help. So, if you’ve found us here by accident assuming you were locating your provider, then WE are the ‘other VOOT’ and we’d love to have a chat with you. If its just a customer care call, or an upgrade request, whatever, we can probably help. We’ve been trading for many years now and customer care is what we are very good at! So please feel free to pick up the phone to us.

Thank you.