With the increase of wireless devices ‐ in par􀀔ticular iPads and tablets, a managed wireless network is
now a necessity in a school. With old standalone access points use of these powerful new devices can
o􀀝ften be a frustrati􀀔ng one.
Tradi􀀔tonally managed wireless networks were very expensive, with costly access points and a central
hardware server in addi􀀔tion to ongoing license costs.
However, here at Voot we work with Ubiqui􀀔 systems - who offer low cost systems that are rock solid
and provide everything you would need in a wireless network – with no license costs. We have many
schools who can act as reference sites.
A managed wireless system with virtual controller will transform your network. A whole school can be
kitted out with full coverage from as little as £2000
Virtual Controller installs on your server to manage the network
No License Fees
2.4Ghz and 5Ghz network op􀀡ons
Discreet access points installed by our fully insured team
Configured by Voot Technicians

Work in partnership

Here at Voot we don’t want a normal customer / supplier relationsip. We prefer to work in partnership with you to achieve your goals. We’ll advise on the best way forward, on technical challenges and solutions, but we’ll never say ‘this is the way we are going do it’. We’d much rather ask ‘how would you like to do it’

Solution-based support

A fix to a particular problem may not be immediate – or sometimes even possible. However, we’ll always aim to find a solution – whether a temporary fix, a loan of equipment or a workaround.

More than Technical Support

Without blowing our own trumpet too much, we’re good at fixing computers. We can create programs to make tasks easier and things run smoother. We like to pre-empt potential problems rather than fire fighting.  Our professionally trained staff are multi-skilled individuals but also have the backup of all IT team members.  So if there’s a particular project, a large deployment or server install we can call upon each other for specialist help.

Reliable and consistent

Voot Technicians have been supporting local schools for over 15 years. We have a wealth of experience and have built outstanding relationships with schools. We are proud that any of these schools would provide a great reference