With the increase of wireless devices ‐ in par􀀔ticular iPads and tablets, a managed wireless network is
now a necessity in a school. With old standalone access points use of these powerful new devices can
o􀀝ften be a frustrati􀀔ng one.
Tradi􀀔tonally managed wireless networks were very expensive, with costly access points and a central
hardware server in addi􀀔tion to ongoing license costs.
However, here at Voot we work with Ubiqui􀀔 systems - who offer low cost systems that are rock solid
and provide everything you would need in a wireless network – with no license costs. We have many
schools who can act as reference sites.
A managed wireless system with virtual controller will transform your network. A whole school can be
kitted out with full coverage from as little as £2000
Virtual Controller installs on your server to manage the network
No License Fees
2.4Ghz and 5Ghz network op􀀡ons
Discreet access points installed by our fully insured team
Configured by Voot Technicians