First, lets get something out in the open!.

We don't talk about 'careers' at Voot. We don't talk about business targets, goal-setting, budgets, we don't do the corporate thing at all.

If that sounds like hell, then Voot probably isnt for you.

However. We are fully aware that some of the best telecoms consultants around aspire to a life/work balance, and due to the immense pressure of working in a targetted environment, have chosen to take a step back. We think thats sad.

We want you to take a step forward. Come and talk. We are actively seeking experienced telecoms consultants to join our affiliate programme at Voot, and we can help you create your own 'lifestyle' role - a role that you can fit your lifestyle around.  We are totally aware that different people have different 'drivers'.  We're the same.  We don't like to 'pigeon-hole' people.  We embrace that diversity.

All we ask is that you are as passionate about customer care as we are, and have the necessary experience and commitment to deliver the levels of consultancy & expertise our clients have come to expect. And deserve.

Come and have a chat and see what you think. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And the coffee (and even a slice of cake!) is on us.

Send an e-mail to hello@voot.org now.



We are always looking for people who want to work with us. Design your own role. Talk to us now.