Is it time to upgrade?

Upgrade your phone


Do you wonder if your current phone will last a bit longer and let you go onto a sim only deal? These questions to ask, may tell you if it is time for an upgrade.

Are you a fan of the latest greatest?

If you are, then you will want to upgrade at the earliest opportunity. As soon as the new phone of your dreams is announced, then you will be chopping at the bit to pre-order. Good news is that there are some great deals to be done on 12-month contracts. You can often get a freebie or two thrown in as part of a pre-order. Plus, by selling off your old phone to help finance the new, you will not be spending much more that those who hang on for dear life to a phone that is dead and cannot be resold.

The Samsung Edge

Do you have enough battery life?

One of the earliest signs that your phone needs replacing is when the battery no longer lasts the day. You can prolong things by uninstalling some battery hungry apps and switching on power saving software. However, newer phones handle battery life better and charging is much quicker.

Do you have enough storage?

Noticed how new phones have bigger and larger storage capacity? The reason is simply because apps are becoming larger and updates more frequent. SD cards are great if your phone has the slot for them, however, they are best reserved for photos and videos, unless you are willing to fork out for a fast card. Plus, you cannot move many apps onto the SD card.

cracked iPhone

Is your screen cracked?

Now this, in itself, is not always a reason to upgrade your phone. There are a number of good repair companies now. If the replacement is too costly, then it may be time to admit defeat.

Have you got the latest OS?

If security is important to you, then making sure you can get the latest security patches and updates to the OS, will equally be important. If you own an iPhone, then you will find some apps will not work on the older OS models.

Models and Makes

You do not need to have the headline model of phone. There are many manufacturers and they all have a wide range of phones to suit every pocket, monetarily and literally! You may even buy a phone outright and benefit from a sim only deal with a new phone to boot.

Talk to us, here at Voot, and we will help steer you to make the right decision about your phone upgrade.