Hot Tips for choosing your New Phone

Choosing a new phone is a big deal! It is not only a phone in your pocket these days, but can also double up as your wallet and mobile office.  You want to be able to take pictures, email, and share content on social media channels and so a number of variables will assist you in the decision


Operating System

This really comes down to, if you want the easiest phone, with regular updates and the latest apps, coupled with less risk of malware or viruses. In which case the Apple iPhone, with the iOS, is the choice for you.

However, if you want a bit more freedom to change and personalise your smartphone experience, then Android is the OS for you. You will have a greater choice of phones, and many manufacturers. The openness of the OS allows developers to bring widgets, apps, keyboards and more to increase your pleasure. Blackberry; have moved into Android territory, now with their new phones.


This matters a great deal, if you just want something to slide into your top pocket, or fill your jeans back pocket, then you will be looking at a phone screen size of 5.4 inches or less. These little phones also have the advantage of only needing one hand to reach the whole screen.  If you want, screen real estate to work on, then a supersized six plus-inches, is going to satisfy you.


If you require a phone to last longer, then make sure you get one with a battery greater than 3,000maH.


These days, you take pictures more than ever, to share on social media, to email a client with ideas or just documenting your day. Look at the number of pixels, the higher the number of microns the better, and the aperture, this should be as low as possible. Ignore the mega pixels.


Unless you store everything on clouds, then you will want more than 16 GB of internal storage, we are expecting phones this year to be 32GB and more. Consider external storage, with SanDisk announcing the new 256 GB SD card  there will be plenty of room on your phone.

Other points to consider:

A few other questions to ask yourself could include ‘Do you need your phone to be waterproof? ‘Does the phone need dual front speakers, for watching video or gaming?’ Would wireless charging be useful?’

We hope these tips will assist you in your choice of smartphone this year; however, we are always ready to answer any queries and help you decide on the right phone for you and your business.

Keep their mitts off your phone

Sometimes you feel you would lose your head if it wasn’t screwed on, so how can you secure your phone and keep it safe?

Here are some top tips to securing your phone

1.       Have a place for it. Keep it in one place about your person, in a particular pocket. When at home, keep the charger in one place and you will know where to look first.

2.       Have a secure lock screen, and use it. It is possible to fake fingerprints! Obvious patterns are too easy to guess and so too are number codes. Try to make yours obscure. Using a password is probably the strongest form of lock, as the possibilities are endless…

3.       Even though it is a pain, logging in and out of apps can save you the embarrassment of being fraped. Worse, money moved out of your accounts.

4.       If you are on an Android phone, you can lock your apps up. That will keep them safer. Consider locking up your banking and more sensitive apps with this extra layer of protection.

5.       Use a password manager if you forget passwords easily. These neat little apps will help you log in and out using just one password.

6.       Antivirus, is a must on phones today. IPhones do not have these apps, as on a more closed system, so less risk.

7.       You should not ‘jailbreak’ or ‘root’ your phone, unless you really know what you are doing in terms of security.

8.       Always use the reputable app stores, ‘side-loading’ can be the easiest way of introducing malware, viruses and giving control of your phone to an unseen invader.

9.       Avoid public networks, and if you need to use them, do not use sensitive apps such as banking on them, or indeed over 4G. Keep safe by using your own secured Wi-Fi at home.

10.   If you want to be super secure, you can encrypt your messages and emails. Using WhatsApp or iMessage will encrypt, however you can also delete those messages, just in case someone opens your phone. Emails are trickier to encrypt, a specialist app such as Protonmail will assist.

11.   Use the security features your antivirus app may have, such as tracking, remote wipe and camera trap. Might not stop your phone being stolen, but may increase the chance you get it back.

12.   Get insurance, these tips will help prevent snooping, fraping, malware and other invasions upon your phone, but if it happens that your phone is lost or stolen, insurance will make sure you have a phone in your hands again.

VOOT Accessories launches today...

An exciting day for us here at VOOT today - as recent recruit Danny launches a whole new side to our business... online accessory sales.

Danny has decided to set us apart from the many other accessory companies in the field - by concentrating only on the quality end of the market. None of your cheap rubbish here!

VOOT Accessories will be stocking the full range of car kits, car chargers, cases, bluetooth headsets and more and more for your phones and tablet devices.

As a recognised supplier to businesses up and down the country - the aim is to give those businesses an opportunity to purchase and distribute to staff a range of quality accessories that will grow and grow.

Go and have a look at our new Online store at www.vootaccessories.co.uk - feel free to call Danny for advice.

Also - for the latest news on all things accessory - add him to your Twitter feeds on @vootaccesories... and please share the link with your friends.

Don't get bitten by your bytes this summer...

A cautionary tale for anyone travelling with their smartphone this summer - inspired by a customer who DIDN'T get advised by VOOT and was therefore left with a HUGE bill for data roaming.

Its YOUR responsibility as a customer to check your data package when going abroad - and be warned - emails, Facebook, Twitter, browsing for the weather forecast will ALL add bytes to your bill...

Don't get bitten by your bytes when you get home.

With our BlackBerry® and iPhone packages you can get the access you need, wherever you need it.

  • get enough roaming data to cover your needs
  • from £12 a month per user (excluding VAT)
  • GPRS, EDGE and 3G roaming is charged in per byte intervals, whatever zone you're working in, to keep your costs as low as possible.
  • choose from a world or Europe package to suit your needs
A 75mB bundle of roaming data is available on Blackberry for just £18 - if you didn't apply this bundle and used that data your bill would be over £190...

iPhone '6' already developed and waiting...


With rumours circulating about the release date of the forthcoming iPhone5, VOOT attended a seminar last night where we were treated to a glimpse of the future. Treated is definitely the word too.

Long renowned for innovation - Apple demonstrated (and we mean demonstrated - this is developed and working!) the iPhone 6 - and we've never 'seen' anything like it.

The iPhone 6 will change the way the world thinks about everything. Apple have been working with the famous professor Steven Hawkings, to develop thought process into the written word.

This work has been underway for some years now - and initially was aimed at the world of Macs... but as technology raced ahead it was deemed as 'absolutely the right thing to do' to develop this for the mobile environment.

They've abandoned the touch screen in favour of a cochlear interface that will transmit brain patterns into electrical impulses - and these will be transmitted to a retinal implant that will 'project' the images onto the surface of the eye - amazingly in HD format - and you just 'think' where you want to 'press'... read... scroll... pinch and zoom... browse and type.... its absolutely incredible and uncannily accurate.

Amazingly - the cochlear implant will also allow users to use the software to dial out and hear the other party - and with a microphone fitted into a separate implant embedded into the tooth - this really is the most portable mobile 'phone' ever developed. Apple suggested this may well be on sale by 'final quarter 2012'... and we are already gearing up for what will be unprecedented demand.

We were gobsmacked last night - and no less gobsmacked as we wake up this morning.  If anyone would like copies of the literature we were given yesterday - please email me at nigel@voot.org