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Time to take some tablets!

Business Tablet


In business, the tablet makes great sense. They are certainly cheaper to source and more portable that a laptop, and as someone who lugs around a laptop on occasion, it is cumbersome and takes a while to load up. Tablets on the other hand are like smartphones, always on, ready to start work immediately. They certainly are less intrusive at meetings, even against the new MacBook’s and you can have a choice of OS, iOS, Android or Windows. With wireless connections and high-speed mobile broadband, you do not even have to be near a router!

Advantages on the bottom line

Larger screen estate for Office apps means that staff can work remotely. Therefore, any business reliant on paperwork and form filing will find a tablet a real boon. On the shop floor, sales staff can use them as a point of sale to show customers pictures of products that may not be in store, but available to order online. They can also run their CRM, email and calendaring, synchronizing them with their desktop or phone. In a busy factory, line managers can update on production. Technical staff can access libraries and technical drawings. Maps and schematics are easily stored on the tablet or cloud

Insurance assessors, surveyors, or financial services providers would find them most useful for compiling information and photographs onsite. For executives, they can write communicate, delegate and sign off documents all on a tablet, perhaps at the golf club.

Choices to make

Firstly choosing the OS, as said earlier, you can get any of the main three. Once you have made that choice, it will have narrowed the field considerably. Much like last month’s blog Hot Tips on choosing a new phone, the options are similar, here again size does matter. Next choice will be to choose a decent amount of RAM for your tasks. If you are going to be running many apps at the same time, that will increase the need for RAM. Utilising cloud-computing means you do not need as much storage on the device itself, so you can get away with a smaller capacity and therefore cheaper tablet.  You will need extra support for HDMI on the USB port, if you want to connect for presentations. Nowadays, with the price of data dropping all the while, having a 3g or 4G tablet makes absolute sense.

Samsung Tablet

Call us today, and ask how tablets could transform your business. We have some marvellous deals too.

Orange launch new data charges to reduce 'Data Shock'


One of the most common complaints the networks get these days is from customers who have exceeded their data bundles on their mobiles.

Even here at VOOT we have had our problems with it, given Dan Voot's obsession with all things Twitter and Facebook! The networks spend hours on the phone appeasing angry customers as quite often the bill for this data is huge...

Now Orange have launched a new plan which it is hoped will significantly decrease the amount of 'data-shock' cases they handle on a monthly basis.  This is what they have done...

From Tuesday 11 December Orange has changed the way it charges out of bundle data on Business Solo and Business Sense tariffs, to significantly reduce bill shock for your customers.

  • Customers will be charged £5 for every 250MB bundle that they use over their allocated allowance from their plan
  • They can do this up to maximum of 8 times in 1 month - i.e. use 2GB of data out of bundle and they will be charged an additional £40
  • If they use more than an additional 2GB of data in a single month (out of bundle) they will then be charged 10p per MB thereafter.

This is a significant change and one we hope will be welcomed by clients. We can think of only one thing that would improve on this. How good would it be if customers were sent a text message when they go over the bundle they have paid for too? That way - customers would know straight away and be able to react.

Maybe next time...