Orange launch new data charges to reduce 'Data Shock'


One of the most common complaints the networks get these days is from customers who have exceeded their data bundles on their mobiles.

Even here at VOOT we have had our problems with it, given Dan Voot's obsession with all things Twitter and Facebook! The networks spend hours on the phone appeasing angry customers as quite often the bill for this data is huge...

Now Orange have launched a new plan which it is hoped will significantly decrease the amount of 'data-shock' cases they handle on a monthly basis.  This is what they have done...

From Tuesday 11 December Orange has changed the way it charges out of bundle data on Business Solo and Business Sense tariffs, to significantly reduce bill shock for your customers.

  • Customers will be charged £5 for every 250MB bundle that they use over their allocated allowance from their plan
  • They can do this up to maximum of 8 times in 1 month - i.e. use 2GB of data out of bundle and they will be charged an additional £40
  • If they use more than an additional 2GB of data in a single month (out of bundle) they will then be charged 10p per MB thereafter.

This is a significant change and one we hope will be welcomed by clients. We can think of only one thing that would improve on this. How good would it be if customers were sent a text message when they go over the bundle they have paid for too? That way - customers would know straight away and be able to react.

Maybe next time...

Orange launch 'Deal of the Decade!'


Well that could well be debated of course - but what can't be debated is the incredible value on offer between now and the 30th September 2012!

Less than £28.50 a month will give business users... UNLIMITED landline minutes, UNLIMITED calls to ALL mobile phone networks, UNLIMITED text messages, 800MB data to be used on their smartphones... AND if that wasn't enough... users will also be allowed to use Oranges brilliant Pocket Landline service too!

Pocket Landline gives users a standard telephone number to use with their mobile - as well as their mobile number - meaning you can give your clients access to you on a standard number... Or you can divert your work number to your mobile knowing you won't be paying the charges associated with calling a mobile...

This offer is available until the end of September, is accessible by Orange customers new and old who are upgrading, and there is a great range of free handsets available on the tariff too! Give us a call for more details - or to check if your upgrade is due.

Orange revamp their Business Sense tariff

From 5 September, Orange is refreshing its Business Sense tariff to provide plans that are easier to  tailor to our customer's requirements.

The main changes are:  

  • Introduction of new tiers of Flexible Extras
  • Extension to the range of chargeable extras including 2 new roaming bundles, 1 new text bundle, new mobile browsing bundles and 2 new IDD (International Direct dial) bundles
  • Launch of unlimited free calls to freephone numbers (No other network offers this!)
  • Unlimited WiFi is now included as standard
  • 50 inclusive texts per sharer
  • Tiered sharer data allowances from £2.50 (250MB) up to £6.50 (750MB)
  • Unlimited talk benefits

Please give us a call at VOOT to discuss how this plan can save your business cash - while making your usage even more efficient...