Making a Flash and Taking a Splash

Tim Cook availed himself of a ‘carpool karaoke’ style lift with James Corden to the iPhone launch announced at the event at the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco. Tim then presented us first with the Apple watch and Watch 2 before the main star of the show the iPhone 7 and its sister iPhone 7 Plus. The phone emerged slowly to show off its jet black curved styling, although the screen itself is not curved the back and sides are.

The phones are available in five colours gold, silver, rose-gold, black and the new Jet-black, a high gloss affair. They are also in larger storage capacities of 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. New features start with the water and dust resistance to IP67, leaving you free to drop it in the loo without worry.

The Camera is a 12MP f1.8 aperture lens with quad led flash and Optical image stabilising, for those of you with shaky hands. The iPhone 7 plus adds a second camera to the mix, not for 3d photography, but a telephoto lens. This lens is capable of a 10X zoom and combined with the first wide-angle lens, creates real time depth of field photos, something even DSLRs cannot do. New software will arrive as a free update later in the year.

A 7MP camera also with OIS sits on the front and utilises the same software for wide colour.

The HD display is 4.7” on the IPhone 7 and stretches to 5.5” on the Plus. There is a wide colour gamut to cinema standard and of course 3d touch.

Stereo speakers with an increased dynamic range will provide you with immersive sound whilst you play games, watch videos and listen to music.

This brings us to one of the biggest changes, in smartphone history, and indeed audio history as a whole. The earphone jack in use for over 100 years is no longer on the iPhone! What, wait how will you get sound when on the move?  The ear pods are now connected via the lighting cable and there is a retrofit adapter for audio jack phones.

 Apple went one-stage further and announced Apple Air pods, new wireless earphones that also have a built in speaker. You tap to talk to Siri and they connect to either watch or phone with up to 5hrs of listening pleasure, and a further 24hrs charge in their discreet little pouch.

The new A10 fusion, 4-core processor is a marvel at handling apps and so those of you with the iPhone 6 will enjoy on average 2hrs more battery lifetime and the iPhone 6 plus users will get a 1hr more on upgrade to the new phones.

You can get your hands on these new phones on Sept 16th, pre-orders start Sept 9th. It was announced that the iPhone Upgrade program, available in the US last year, would be brought to the UK this year; this will allow you to upgrade every year to a new phone, unlocked and carrier free for a monthly sum.

iPhone '6' already developed and waiting...


With rumours circulating about the release date of the forthcoming iPhone5, VOOT attended a seminar last night where we were treated to a glimpse of the future. Treated is definitely the word too.

Long renowned for innovation - Apple demonstrated (and we mean demonstrated - this is developed and working!) the iPhone 6 - and we've never 'seen' anything like it.

The iPhone 6 will change the way the world thinks about everything. Apple have been working with the famous professor Steven Hawkings, to develop thought process into the written word.

This work has been underway for some years now - and initially was aimed at the world of Macs... but as technology raced ahead it was deemed as 'absolutely the right thing to do' to develop this for the mobile environment.

They've abandoned the touch screen in favour of a cochlear interface that will transmit brain patterns into electrical impulses - and these will be transmitted to a retinal implant that will 'project' the images onto the surface of the eye - amazingly in HD format - and you just 'think' where you want to 'press'... read... scroll... pinch and zoom... browse and type.... its absolutely incredible and uncannily accurate.

Amazingly - the cochlear implant will also allow users to use the software to dial out and hear the other party - and with a microphone fitted into a separate implant embedded into the tooth - this really is the most portable mobile 'phone' ever developed. Apple suggested this may well be on sale by 'final quarter 2012'... and we are already gearing up for what will be unprecedented demand.

We were gobsmacked last night - and no less gobsmacked as we wake up this morning.  If anyone would like copies of the literature we were given yesterday - please email me at