The case for your phone


Choosing a case for your phone is sometimes quite overwhelming, certainly a search on eBay will throw up an enormous array of different options. We are going to look at those options and help you get the best case for your phone.

Rough and rugged

If you work or play in the outdoors, then a tougher case may suit you. Otter box and Spigen, are among those makers of a range of rugged cases. Check out features such as kick stand or belt loops.


A simple open and shut case

If you want your phone to automatically come on and switch off as you open or close your case, then look for an IC chip in the case features. One disadvantage of this type of case is it, may not be so easy to reach a rear fitted fingerprint or heart rate scanner. Though it will protect the front of your phone from scratches whilst in your pocket.

Complete wallet

If you carry a lot of cards, then a wallet style case might suit you. Most cases have one slot, which is just enough for your credit/debit card. However, if you have a collection of cards, then some cases can become full wallets, or purses with sections for your cash as well as your cards. A disadvantage is of course, it can get all stolen at once.

See through

A range of phones also have pop up information that can be viewed whilst the case is closed, through a viewer or window in the case. These will be cases designed and sold by your phone manufacturer, though eBay again will have some cheaper and possibly fake versions.

see through cover

Dare to Bare

Of course, you do not have to have a case, and you could leave your phone naked. This does have the disadvantage of also leaving your phone unprotected, however, the advantages might outweigh this risk. With your phone in the buff, you can readily access all its buttons and sensors, it will slide into your pocket easily. Plus, you can enjoy the aesthetics that the phone designers worked so hard to achieve.

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