Making your phone work for you

mobile phone working

These days you would be lost without your trusty phone in your pocket. Instant communications and access to emails, files and photos as required. However, we can help you add a few tricks to your network of mobiles and landlines to improve your business efficiency.

Paperless solutions

Nowadays, streamlining your paperwork and reducing printing costs is easier with digital files. You can send digital invoices and receive digital proforma, without the need for printing.  With the software we recommend, we can take this further into other aspects of your businesses day to day running. Here we shall run through some of the things you can streamline with your mobile phone and Field Motion Software.


As we mentioned invoicing can be quickly done using the software on your phone, so as soon as a job has been completed, an invoice can be generated automatically and sent directly to the customer, even before your field engineer or staff member has left their building. Invoices are compatible with the major invoicing suites such as QuickBooks and are sent in a PDF format.

Customer Relationship Management

A Customer relationship management suite allows you to instantly recall all interactions with the client, including calls, files, notes and jobs completed. As all these can be attached to each customer, your member of staff has all the relevant information to hand directly on his mobile phone or tablet.


Planning jobs could not be simpler, with a calendar of bookings and meetings, alerting each time of conflicts. Customers are sent updates at each step of the process, such as on-route, in progress or job complete. Staff are aware of any updates to the job immediately.


As each job is assigned, relevant information can be attached to the digital job sheet. The software works offline too, and updates as soon as the signal is restored.

Stock and Asset management

Keeping track of your assets is a breeze, as each asset has its maintenance history and service history linked. QR and barcoding compatible, with the reader on the mobile phone. Instantly updating records.

Stock can be assigned to each job and deducted as used, keeping your inventory up to date. Recording the location of each item, whether store, van, or job. Low stock warnings help maintain stock at the right levels.


Reports can be made at regular intervals and either generated within the software or exported to Microsoft Office Excel. These can include reports on all the above aspects to enable you to make better decisions for the business.

If you would like to talk to someone about this amazing software and how it could revolutionise your business, Please give us a call today, and Nigel or Dan will help guide you.