This phone could be music to your ears

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With all the ‘leaks’ and reveals coming from the Samsung stable over the last few weeks, there was not much more to reveal at the Unpacked event. The Note 9 is an impressive phone and owning one will be all you expect from a high-end phone.


The Note Galaxy series is considered the flagship of the Samsung range, with many other phone manufacturers looking to the phone for inspiration. The next phone to get ‘all eyes on’ this year, will be the iPhone, who are probably going to release details of their three new phones in September. Meaning by Christmas many of you will be sporting one of these flagship phones.

Note 9

Pre-release specs included the 6-8MB RAM, and a 4000 mAh battery. The early disappointment was the appearance of the fingerprint scanner on the rear, many were expecting a return to the front, with hopes of an embedded in screen scanner. Though it is believed that Samsung is saving that feature for the Note 10/ X in 2019. The IP 68 dust and water resistance are an accepted must in today’s phones.  The screen size of 6.4 inches, makes it the largest phone screen on the market and yet still fits into your hand. Add the stereo speakers from AKG and the effect is immersive. A new water carbon cooling system will keep your phone from frying with all this power.


The dual lens camera is still mounted on the rear, with the fingerprint scanner moved to below the camera to avoid smudges on the lens as you fumble around. Super Slow-mo has been added, along with improvements to the settings for better picture taking.


The storage of up to 1Tb was revealed in the leaked you-tube video which also indicated a 516GB model along with an entry-level 128GB version. Honestly, not sure you really need a terabyte of storage, but it will save you needing to delete apps and photos.


The early pictures showed a brightly coloured yellow pen paired with the blue phone. This is an exciting change and will appeal to the artistic types who favour the note series. The addition of Bluetooth capabilities expands the pen into a remote-control device. You can click the pen to take selfies or move on a PowerPoint slide.


The DeX now works with just an HDMI connector straight to your large screen, plus the use of your Note 9 whilst you view both. This takes multi-tasking to a new level!

Availability and Price!!!

The Note 9 comes in four colours: The Ocean Blue, with a yellow pen, A lavender purple with matching pen, a copper again with matching pen (though not available in the UK) and the very popular all midnight black. The release date is 24th August and is £899- £1099. The Ocean Blue and Midnight Black are available in the 128GB storage with 6GB ram or the 512GB storage with 8GB ram

Also announced

The new smartwatch and Galaxy home devices were introduced. Along with a partnership with Spotify for integrated and seamless music across all your Samsung devices.

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