Don't be a Slave

It is all too easy nowadays to forget that Apple and Samsung are not the only manufacturers of mobile phones. Many people know that others exist, but are reluctant to move from the security of the two main players. Chained to our phones for most of the day as we often are, it is worth considering other makes, to see if they could possibly be a better fit.


Blackberry KeyOne

Now that Blackberry has chosen to use the Android Operating system, this is an easy move from a Samsung. There is the Blackberry KeyOne, which brings back the physical keyboard for those that prefer this method of input. Stacking up with a 5.7” screen and 3GB ram it certainly has the capacity to be a mobile office. The Blackberry Priv is also one to consider, this time with a slide out keyboard.



HTC have always produced great phones with superb cameras and camera software. The latest is the HTC U11, which has some squeezable sides. Yes, that is what we said. If you love Alexa from Amazon, then you will be interested to know HTC will be bringing her along with this phone.


Google Pixel

If you love being the one with the latest software, then Google’s Pixel phone could be for you. Packed with Google goodies, such as Assistant and unlimited storage for your photos. The phone has some impressive stats too; a type C USB and 4 GB ram are among those. Two sizes of Pixel and Pixel XL for more screen real estate.


Xperia XZ Premium

The latest offering from Sony is the Xperia XZ Premium, the world’s first smartphone with a 4K HDR display. If you are into video and motion capture, then this could be your dream phone. Being Sony, you also get your PS4 gaming experience from your phone.



OnePlus make some quality phones and their latest the 3T claims to be the fastest charging at ½ hr for a full days’ worth of battery power. With 6GB Ram and 128 GB of storage this could be the powerhouse, you need.

We have not completed a full review of these phones, yet, but perhaps a chat with one of us to discuss your particular needs from your phone, will help us steer you.