New Year, New Look


Want to feel like you have got a new phone, and not have to actually buy one? Then this advice will help you change the appearance and functionality of your phone to make it more individual.


Whilst customising your phone is a fun thing to do, putting shortcuts and sorting apps can increase your productivity on the phone too. From the earliest mobile phones, we have sought to make them our own. Starting with ringtones.


The first customisation, was to change your ringtone from the default. Today, you can assign any piece of audio as a ringtone. You can also assign different ringtones to each caller too! Useful if you want to avoid looking at your phone to know who is calling. A quick search on the App store or Play store will also give you some more comical, or business- like ones to use too.


This is a simple thing to change, and a lot of us put pictures of loved ones in pride of place. There are many advances in wallpapers now and live wallpapers are popular. A useful app is ‘Loopwall’, which will change a gif file into a live wallpaper. This means you could take the business logo and have it spinning in the background of your phone screen.


The standard whizz, pop, pings, can get annoying. You can easily change these in the sounds section of your settings. Another search on the App stores will yield some more sedate and refined sounds.


Samsung have also launched themes, these are all in one, wallpaper, icons, sounds, always on display, and clocks for a complete fresh look to your phone. There are themes also available in the App stores. There are several free themes, though the artistic ones are usually only a couple of pounds.


These are apps that launch over the top of any skin your phone manufacturer has put on top of the stock OS, they can allow you to fully customise the layout. For example, changing the grid, so you can place more icons, folders, shortcuts, or widgets on your home screen.