Just how resilient are you?

Resilience: “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness”


Our opening question is more appropriate to your business than you individually.

There is an increasing dependence on the internet in businesses today - and not just for email and cloud based backups and CRM - but for telephony, Instant Messaging and other customer touchpoints too.

It never ceases to amaze us just how little importance businesses place on the robustness of their internet connection - given that so much of the business relies on it. Many businesses do more research (and spend significantly more) on their staff coffee machine than they do on their internet connectivity. Thats like hanging the day to day operation of your business on a gossamer thread…

The focus for many many businesses is ‘how fast is it, and how cheap can I get it?” To be fair - the blame for this doesn’t sit entirely with the businesses either - it should be laid at the door of telecoms specialists who have advised and built systems incorrectly - based on competitive pricing rather than a clients actual needs.

How often have you seen a race to the bottom on Linked In for example? Where someone says “I need 5 VoIP phones on fibre - quote me now”… Thats no way to go about buying (or indeed selling) something so important to a business. Businesses can thrive or fail entirely on the way they communicate.

So how can you become more resilient?

You might consider some 4G backup - in case your broadband goes down?

Or maybe 2 broadband connections - one for your data and a separate one for voice traffic (which we call good practice anyway)

You might even want to consider a leased line to your business over a standard fibre connection?

If you want to discuss your business telecoms with a responsible business telecoms specialist - have a word with us about just how seriously we take your business.

Nigel Short