Trying it on...

We wont pull the wool over your eyes

We wont pull the wool over your eyes

Also known as ‘Pulling the wool over someones eyes” is something we see a lot of in the telecoms industry and sadly its all too common.

Often it comes at a time when a customer has decided to move supplier. The new supplier will issue a contract, the request to port numbers away is lodged with the old supplier, and suddenly the old supplier will issue a bill for termination. That in itself is quite legitimate if the customer has not served their minimum contract period.

But more and more we see telecoms companies ‘trying it on’ - by telling clients their contract was ‘rolled over’ into a new term when they didnt issue a termination notice at the end of their contract.

Ofcom outlawed ‘ARC’s - Automatically Renewable Contracts’ in 2011 for consumers and small businesses. A small business in Ofcoms terms is 10 employees or less.

Yesterday we visited a client who has 2 employees and has been issued with a 9 month termination fee for a 24 month contract they signed in 2012. The bill was over £300.00.

This is wrong, its not allowable, and its simply ‘trying it on’.

If you want to speak to an ethical, responsible telecoms company that has not, will not, and will never ‘try it on’ - please give us a call. We’d love to speak to you.

Nigel ShortVOOT