The new iPhones are going green!


At the Steve jobs theatre, we were treated to lots of new innovative devices launched by Apple. They also announced that they are due to ship their 2 billionth device!


The Apple watch has a new nifty feature that detects a slip, trip or fall and will automatically call the emergency services should it detect no motion within 5 minutes. The second wow feature is the inclusion of an Electrocardiograph, which will take a reading from your finger and wrist to detect abnormal rhythms and alert you to consult your Doctor. The information can be downloaded and shared with your Doctor. Oh yes, it still makes calls and detects your workouts, and tells the time.

Now for the iPhones

Three new iPhones were announced, the iPhone X (ten) S and the iPhone XS max and the iPhone XR

iPhone XS

This is the flagship phone and comes with a 5.8inch OLED display. Available in 64GB,256Gb and 512GB and in three colours of space grey, silver and gold. Made in surgical grade stainless steel and glass over the back, sides and front. There is dual 12MP cameras on the rear. The IP68 rating means that you can drop it in 2 metres of liquid for up to 30 minutes.

iPhone XS Max

This is the larger version of the XS with a 6.5 inch OLED display. Also available in 64GB, 256GB and 512GB and in three colours of space grey, silver and gold. Made in surgical grade stainless steel and glass over the back, sides and front. There is dual 12MP cameras on the rear. Again with that IP68 rating.

iPhone XR


The entry level for this series of iPhone, the XR is suited to on a tighter budget and comes in 6 fantastic colours, Black, white, yellow, blue, coral and special edition red. Storage is 64GB, 128GB, and 256B the display is a 6.1 inch LCD  comes with just one 12 MP camera on the rear. This one comes with an IP67 rating which is equal to last years iPhone X.

All three phones still have the contentious notch at the top which houses the 8 sensors for face recognition and the camera. One great feature that they claimed many users were looking for is a dual sim. They have created what they call esim, that’s one physical sim and an electronic version, 15 telecom companies worked to develop this. EE and Vodaphone were amongst them. ( if you are in China you get two physical sims).


The A12 bionic processor is a 7-nanometer chip with a 4 core, 8 core and a neural engine capable of 5 trillion operations per sec, this means that the face recognition works faster as does the multitasking. in all about 30% faster.

Camera effects

The HDR imaging means that the cameras take 8 photos at once, and one long exposure photo and then combines them to give the best photo. This process is also available in video as well. The brand new Bokeh effect, which they were delighted to reveal can be adjusted after the photo is taken, I’m sure was in the Samsung note 8 last year.

Environmentally friendly

Apple announced that there are now 100% running on renewable energy at all their sites. This coupled with their determination to reduce mining for resources for the phones, means they have included many second-hand and recycled parts in these three offerings. Along with that promise to recycle, they offer you the chance to ‘give back’, you give back your older iPhone and they will recycle it for you…..for FREE!

Ouch it’s gonna hurt

UK prices are not showing yet, however it was a direct change into pounds sterling last years so we are guessing it will be the same this year too.

Prices start at the $749 for the 64GB iPhone XR which is available from Oct 19th

The XS will set you back $999 for the 64GB and the 64GB XS max burns a $1099 hole in your wallet. These are both available to preorder on the 14th and ship on the 21st Sept

If you would like to get one of these phones, then chat to us here at Voot

Nigel Short