We do other stuff too...

We’re really well known for telecoms locally these days - and everybody knows about our attention to detail, friendliness and above all our commitment to giving our clients truly brilliant service. We’ve won awards for that.

But what we don’t talk about anywhere near enough is some of the other stuff we help our clients with - and how we intend to extend those products to other clients. So. Here goes…



Yep - we do websites. We’ve done them for years. Really cool ones too - that allow you to edit them easily yourself (you don’t need a Wordpress qualification for example - which means they aren’t Wordpress sites)… We’ve done websites for Decorators, for photographers, for guest houses, a printer, schools and football teams, we’ve done a wide range of sites for various start up businesses - and one thing we are happy to help with is providing high quality websites with absolutely no up-front cost.

We can get your business up and running with a great website - with your own domain included (as well as the hosting) from as little as £25 per month. Talk to us if you’re interested.

Office 365

We’ve been offering Office 365 to our clients, and helping them migrate to it, for over 3 years now. You can buy 365 from every man and his dog these days it seems - and as we like to do things differently - we’ll do this for you.


We’ll bill you at the annual subscription rate - but you can pay it monthly. And we won’t ask you to sign up for 12 months either. Easy in, easy out. Just like those fancy office buildings new businesses use these days!
So if you’re interested in Office 365 - talk to us now. Its a proper no risk way to get on board.

IT Support

Yep - we do IT Support. We’ve delivered IT Support to some of the most demanding clients there is - schools. Lots of em. And businesses at the sharp end. With remote employees, some of them who get their hands really dirty, and throw electronic equipment around without a care in the world.


We can provide 2 options - remote management - or a combination of remote management and site support too. We are NEVER beaten on price - and we apply all of our second-to-none service standards to IT Support too. So, we absolutely won’t leave you in the lurch - and we won’t charge you the earth either. You know whats coming next… ask us for a quote, and an assessment of whats needed (we do that bit completely for free).

We do lots of other stuff too - stay tuned for our next blog. But in the meantime - TALK TO US about the other stuff we do. We think you’ll love it

Nigel Short