Renew your energy with Voot

commercial energy from Voot

As one of our valued customers, you know that you can come to us in the knowledge that we strive to save you money and time on your mobile phone contracts. We now can apply that same diligence to your energy bills. We are a fully accredited supplier of commercial energy.

Why Energy?

As a business ourselves we understand that your energy bill is probably the biggest bill after your staffing and building costs. If we can help you reduce that outgoing, then your business can grow. We have applied the same principles as our mobile phone arm, in working toward real cost savings and superior customer service.

Quoting tool

Using an advanced quoting tool, we can select the best tariff from 20 energy suppliers. We are associated with some of the top names such as Npower, British Gas, Eon and EDF, along with a few lesser-known companies. All of which can give you some unparalleled tariffs.


Fixed energy prices

With energy price hikes occurring multiple times a year, there is no better time than now to fix your energy price. We can do this for up to five years, giving you peace of mind, and the ability to budget for the near future.


All we need to start the process is a copy of your recent bills from your current supplier. We can enter the details into our quoting tool and select the best tariff for all your gas and electricity needs.

Why not ask us today for a quote? All it will take is a few details and a copy of your latest bill. If we can beat your current supplier, we can have you switched and saving money in around 3-4 weeks depending on your current contract.