Are EU Roaming this Summer?

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It is that time of the year, the kids will be breaking up soon and we will all be heading en masse to Europe for our holidays. Last year we wrote about how to keep your data costs down whilst roaming on holiday in our blog, Costa Bravo, Not Costa Lotto. This year the picture is different….or is it.

EU roaming charges

Since the 15th June, we have been free to roam the EU with our mobile phone, using the same tariff as we enjoy (pay for) at home. This means that if you have an unlimited call and text plan, then you will be able to make the same calls and texts, though a few operators put a ‘fair use’ allowance, this is liable to be generous enough for your two weeks in the sun. This is the time to pay close attention to your tariff and ensure that you stay within its limitations.


Data plans are also the same, this means the ability to look up local restaurants and attraction opening times with the same allowance as you have always had at home. The charges for going over your data has also been reduced, in some cases as much as 25 times cheaper, even so, you should try to keep within your usual usage and our tips from last year will assist with that.

I travel a lot

If you travel to the EU for work often, then as long as you spend more time in your home country that abroad in any 4-month period, then the same ruling should cover you. If you need extra, then there are still some tariffs with roaming minutes included. If you are planning a longer trip than a few months, or a temporary move to another country, then you may need to talk to your operator.

We are here to help

Here at Voot, we want you to get the best out of your tariff, and so please talk to us before making extensive travel plans, to check and see how you can roam like at home.