Bug squashing and other delights

We cannot stress enough the importance of updating your devices. A phone needs to be secure and have all the latest updated software to operate in the smoothest way. Each software update contains new information and code that enables it to operate more efficiently.

Operating Software Updates

These are vital to the operation of your phone. Apple releases the iOS quite promptly and expects most of its users to update immediately. Android releases updates in the late summer, usually named after a sweet or dessert. The different manufacturers then place their overlay software on top. Then the network providers place their software on, meaning that releases can be delayed a number of months. Each time there is a new OS update, you will find changes to the menus and icons can change too. We have written about these in the past and you will find these blogs still useful 


One thing that is worthwhile doing on a regular basis is updating your apps. Each update will ensure you get the latest features and that the app uses less battery and runs smoothly. Often it will say that the update is to ‘squash bugs’ , these are flaws in the code, that developers tweak to get the app to run better. Another reason is that criminals get creative and find loopholes in the software allowing them to access your data. If you do your banking by phone, this is definitely one app to update immediately. Get in the habit of checking daily and updating everything. You can set a number of apps to update automatically, just be sure to untick ‘use cellular data’ or ‘use mobile data’ and then they will wait until you are on Wi-Fi to update.

UPDATE: As this article highlights, it's very important that you update your apps regularly -Over 500 Android apps with a combined 100 million downloads found to secretly contain spyware

Security and Health 

You should also have installed a good virus checker app; this will scan your device regularly for viruses and other malware. Yes, phones get viruses, and yes, even iPhones are not immune.

If you need any advice on how to update anything on your phone, do not hesitate to contact us.