Are you looking at a business centre?


Many businesses start at home, or in a business incubation unit. Ours is no exception. "Easy in, easy out" they shout - and in most cases its absolutely the perfect way to start.

what many business centres fail to tell you however is that you will be allocated a telephone number for their internal telephone lines - and you will be free to have that number printed on your stationery, website, directories everywhere as your relentless marketing drive aims to push people to buy from you.

As you become more and more established you may well move into a larger office, until one day if things go well, you decide its time to seek pastures new. And thats when your problems start...

The telephone number you've taken doesnt belong to you. You've just rented it. And for the business centre thats an excellent commercial decision - as it means you will be less inclined to move... Your easy out option becomes a huge issue - because it could damage your business to lose your main point of contact.

Here at VOOT we are delighted to offer businesses a much better option. Your own geographical number - that we can point in any direction you like. At your business centre phones, or at your mobiles. And you OWN the number, meaning that as your business grows we can work with you to deliver a phone system, transfer it to any premises you may choose. 

Numbers start from just £5 per month. PLEASE - speak to us before you move in to a business centre. We're happy to talk...

Nigel Short