To Infinity and Beyond

Buzz Lightyear

Samsung’s Unpacked event could have been a nervous affair after the disastrous Note 7. However, Samsung showed that they had picked themselves up and dusted themselves down and brought us some innovations. DJ Kohl kicked off by saying, that they had placed Quality, Safety and Craftsmanship, at the forefront of the business. They had run an 8-point test, higher than the industry standard on their batteries. Confident that this was in place, the S8 and sister phone S8+ were unveiled.


As teased in the adverts leading up to this event, the phone does have a wraparound screen and the reduced top and bottom panels, bring us a huge infinity display. The back mirrors the curvature of the front and so looks elegant and feels great in the palm. The home button is now in the screen, as a capacitive along with the navigation keys.



The new 1nm processor received a justified wow from the audience. The expandable storage takes up to 256GB. The IP68 rating, giving you the dust and waterproofing, one expects from a smartphone today. The batteries are a sizeable 3000MaH on the S8 and 3500MaH on the S8+, with wireless charging. The new charger does allow a choice between laying your phone down, or propped up. The USB connection is the type c, favoured by those of us, who always get them upside down.


I do not know about you, but passwords are becoming such a pain. The fingerprint was helping; however, it can be easy to fake. Samsung have introduced Iris scanning and Face-mapping with the S8 and S8+. Just look at your phone and it unlocks! Samsung are working with financial partners to use this technology for your everyday banking needs. Samsung Knox is still there too, so you can lock away your most sensitive data.


Samsung have optimised the 8mP front camera for selfies, with an autofocus, so everyone in frame is looking their best. The rear 12mP camera is ready for action, as soon as you are, using its dual pixel has a multi frame processor, giving you the best of shots every time.


A new AI assistant was launched in the form of Bixby, who uses voice, touch and images to formulate a contextual understanding of your requirements, a swipe to the right on the home screen, now brings information from Bixby , presented as cards. Though most of your interaction with him will be in voice commands, summoning up your apps as needed.

Earphone jack

The earphone jack is still here and to bring you a more immersive experience, and as a result, of Samsung’s partnering with Harmon, every S8 and S8+ will come boxed with AKG earbuds.

 The S8 with its 5.8” screen and the S8+ with its 6.2” screen will be available in the UK from 21st April in the Midnight black or Orchid Grey colours.