You need a Voice Over!


VOIP- Voice over Internet Protocol


VoIP has come a long way since the early days, when mid-sentence there was the possibility of being cut off. Nowadays it is as clear as your landline and as reliable. The internet just got faster and business has too. If your business is yet to consider using VoIP, then you are seriously missing the increased productivity and lead generation.

Look bigger than you are

VoIP is much more efficient than the old copper-wired options, and is cheaper to add extensions. You can have multiple regional phone numbers, all directed to one phone, giving you the appearance of being a national company with regional offices. The system is easy to install and requires minimum of maintenance, compared with the older PBX systems.  Keeping the same numbers as you move premises can save losing customers. You will get all the usual add-ons, of caller ID, voicemail, conference calling with the added benefits of video conferencing.

Flexible and Mobile

VoIP can do a lot for your company when it comes to increasing your flexibility and mobility. To begin with, VoIP is so much more than an Internet telephone system. It can integrate with all major software programs, including email, e-faxing, and video conferencing. You can take a call with the touch on the keyboard and continue working and collaborating on software. Increased flexibility for travelling sales staff, means wherever there is Wi-Fi, they can take the call, and work on any documents too.

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Reduced Costs

In general, the costs of VoIP systems compared with landline systems are far cheaper, and massively reduced call costs too. You will be asking yourself, why you have wasted so much with landlines. If you connect VoIP system to your CRM package, you can drill down each call on cost, and time taken. This will give you real-time data on how your employees respond to your customers and use their time, it will mean you can predict future outcomes and gain a competitive advantage.

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