How to save a packet - or two...

As a customer of ours, we’ve probably negotiated a great deal for your mobile contract and included a reasonable data quota, though this is one area we can reduce your phone bills down even further.

By using Wi-Fi whenever available, you can make substantial savings to your data load. However there are some simple things that you can do.

Set your Data Limit

Firstly on iOS7 or higher, set a data limit, you need to reset this each month, but you’ll find you can do this in the settings. On Android, you can set a ‘soft’ limit warning and a ‘hard’ limit that will not let you go over your data limit. If all users do this is will save any awkward conversations and hard cash.

Wi-Fi Assist

We have previously warned you about the evils of the ‘Wi-Fi assist’ on iOS, SettingsàCellularàWi-fi assist is at the bottom. Equally we have ‘smart network switch’ on the Android. Go to SettingsàWi-Fi hit the menu button and select ‘smart network switch’ and turn off.

Background Data

You can turn off ‘use cellular’ on iCloud and in the iTunes store turn off ‘use cellular’

On Android it’s in settingsà data usage àturn off background data. The new marshmallow update means it will automatically shut down apps which have not been used in a while.

High quality or HD

Consider whether you need to stream high quality audio or HD video. On iOS, go to ‘Music’ in settings and turn off the high quality playback. In the ‘You-Tube’ app it is in settingsàgeneralàlimit mobile data usage. And uploads can be set to Wi-Fi only.

Disable auto play

Both Facebook and Twitter have introduced auto play feature on their timelines, disable these in the app menu to save even more data.

Airplane mode

Using Airplane mode whilst using some apps that have adverts can cut data usage, or consider buying the app and not having the adverts if you use it a lot.

Ad Blockers

There used to be a number of good ad blocker style apps, however new changes have led to their demise. There are still a few Ad block Browsers, though Firefox notably has its own inbuilt ad blocker. Or try using ‘Opera Mini’, which is designed to compress data.


You can prepare playlists in most music apps for playback later. Using an app such as ‘Pocket’ for saving webpages and articles for browsing for later, whilst you are in a Wi-Fi zone.