A first look at the HTC 10 (not HTC One M10)

For those of you who have ever owned a HTC, you already know what a cracking phone these are, well able to stand up to a Samsung or iPhone in the phone arena. The new HTC 10, due for release for sale next month is not shy about its credentials.  Previously rumoured to be called HTC one M10 however has been shortened to HTC10 as HTC is 10 years old.

Out of the box running Marshmallow Android 6 and with the delicate HTC sense layered on top. The new freestyle layout, gives you greater freedom on how your phone looks and where you can place your widgets and icons. Available in 32GB (23GB available for user) with up to 2TB of expandable memory on a microSD card, you really can take as many photos or 4K videos as your heart desires. Flex storage is also supported allowing you to use that 2TB as ‘internal memory’

Designed, again, with a unibody honed from metal, and with a curve to the rear chassis, aiding grip and comfort in the hand. There is also an elegant chamfered edge giving a clean line too.  A Type C USB connection will help those forever getting the cable the ‘wrong way up’. There is now a ‘home’ key within which also resides the fingerprint scanner.

Looks aside, this phone has not let us down in the camera department at all, HTC are often way ahead of the competition and this time we have a rear facing camera with 12MP UltraPixel camera with a 1.55um pixel size, a very wide f/1.8 aperture, optical image stabilisation, and “2x wider range and ultra fast” laser autofocus. On the front we are treated to an “UltraSelfie”  5MP camera with an 86-degree wide-angle lens, 1.34um pixel size and the same f/1.8 aperture size. You’ve never looked this good! 4K video recording and Zoe Capture, enables your inner ‘Spielberg’ to flourish.

HTC has gone with a 5 QHD LCD display with 564ppi, over an ‘AMOLED’ favoured by others, however it’s around 30% brighter and at 5.2in is a decent size for most pockets. If you prefer your big screen, then you can stream media from the phone to compatible Chromecast, DLNA™, AirPlay™, Miracast™ Devices.

4GB of RAM on board puts this phone squarely meeting with the others, and will allow you to keep flipping between apps all day, great for those that multitask.

The battery stands at 3000mAh, which should comfortably get you through a couple of days depending on how much you fondle your new phone. It also stays cooler while charging faster than ever.

HTC have always brought us the best in sound quality and the HTC 10 sets a new standard with its brand new BoomSound Hi-Fi edition speakers, there is also a Personal Audio Profile and Hi-Res audio earphones. All of which blend fantastically with HTC 10’s certified 24-bit Hi-Res audio. Sounds with which to let your ears feast upon.

The HTC 10 will be a choice for those wanting a multimedia experience, with large storage for all those files. While still being a reliable workhorse for a day’s work without screaming for a top-up, and even if you need to, a 30min charge will have you back up to 50% battery. Let one slide into your pocket soon and you’ll not regret the choice.

Nigel Short