Keep their mitts off your phone

Sometimes you feel you would lose your head if it wasn’t screwed on, so how can you secure your phone and keep it safe?

Here are some top tips to securing your phone

1.       Have a place for it. Keep it in one place about your person, in a particular pocket. When at home, keep the charger in one place and you will know where to look first.

2.       Have a secure lock screen, and use it. It is possible to fake fingerprints! Obvious patterns are too easy to guess and so too are number codes. Try to make yours obscure. Using a password is probably the strongest form of lock, as the possibilities are endless…

3.       Even though it is a pain, logging in and out of apps can save you the embarrassment of being fraped. Worse, money moved out of your accounts.

4.       If you are on an Android phone, you can lock your apps up. That will keep them safer. Consider locking up your banking and more sensitive apps with this extra layer of protection.

5.       Use a password manager if you forget passwords easily. These neat little apps will help you log in and out using just one password.

6.       Antivirus, is a must on phones today. IPhones do not have these apps, as on a more closed system, so less risk.

7.       You should not ‘jailbreak’ or ‘root’ your phone, unless you really know what you are doing in terms of security.

8.       Always use the reputable app stores, ‘side-loading’ can be the easiest way of introducing malware, viruses and giving control of your phone to an unseen invader.

9.       Avoid public networks, and if you need to use them, do not use sensitive apps such as banking on them, or indeed over 4G. Keep safe by using your own secured Wi-Fi at home.

10.   If you want to be super secure, you can encrypt your messages and emails. Using WhatsApp or iMessage will encrypt, however you can also delete those messages, just in case someone opens your phone. Emails are trickier to encrypt, a specialist app such as Protonmail will assist.

11.   Use the security features your antivirus app may have, such as tracking, remote wipe and camera trap. Might not stop your phone being stolen, but may increase the chance you get it back.

12.   Get insurance, these tips will help prevent snooping, fraping, malware and other invasions upon your phone, but if it happens that your phone is lost or stolen, insurance will make sure you have a phone in your hands again.