'Automatic' Enrolment - Piece of cake?

As an employer its often you find yourself filling out forms for the Govt, and asking yourself 'why am I doing this?'

As a responsible employer the matter of pensions for your team is not one of those times. Its very important. You want to ensure that your staff are going to get the very best deal possible.

If you're in business too - and you haven't dug out the forms from your tray yet - you might want to think very seriously about getting the ball rolling - as time is literally running out quickly now. I received my reminder letter this week, coincidentally in the same week when I was due to sit down with the accountant and my chosen independent pensions adviser, a man I have known for a few years now via networking - Mr Adam Melia from Clear Future Wealth.

Gathered around the meeting table, with coffees, custard creams and strong tea (don't leave the tea-bag in like I did) we spent the morning going through everything. Adam was able to put all the jargon into very clear terms for me - (and lets face it - I'm a telecoms guy not a finance whizzkid) - and as the morning developed so did the plan. Letter templates for staff, registration with the chosen pension provider, forecasts and estimates of the right pension plans for the team AND Voot, how the payroll would work. No stone was left uncovered. It was a very thorough meeting.

We now have a very clear picture of the path we must follow, and with Adams advice we will avoid the  potential fines that could have been levied for missing our staging date. £400 and £50 PER DAY... I know of one company who are 3 months behind - work out what that's costing them...

If you haven't sorted out an adviser for this - please give this guy a call. Its fantastic to work with people who share our values - an honest, trustworthy and ethical approach. Cheers Adam.

Nigel Short