Blackberrys Last Stand?

With the expected launch of the Blackberry Classic, and Passport, to join the recently released Z3, Blackberry look to be making a new foray into the handset market after what has been a quiet time for them.

The bravest launch is that of the unusual 'Passport' device - a square unit, with a keyboard, and a 4.5 inch screen. Details are sketchy just now and will be announced at a launch event taking place in Toronto, Dubai and London in 2 weeks.

Personally I think the Passport will do particularly well in the Asian markets, where people are more comfortable with change than in the traditional UK/US markets, time will tell.

The Classic however looks much more exciting. Based around the Q10, but revived features like proper Send and End keys will be very popular with people who couldn't get to grips with the 'soft' keys on the Q10. Dimensions look similar, this is a much more traditional shape and exactly what many Blackberry fans had hoped for in the Q10 and Q5. Fingers crossed for this one.

It remains to be seen exactly what impact these devices will make, but with Blackberrys revival in fortunes centreing on their popular MDM solution, don't let anyone fool you that these handsets will make or break RIM.