Exciting new product!!!

Well, ok, WE are excited... 

It arrived in the office today, we've unpacked it, set it up, had a play, and we are really excited at the potential this gives our clients.

Its official name is "D-Link 4G LTE Router DWR-921" Henceforth in the VOOT office it will be known as the 'Broadband Killer' - we like that - and its a far more appropriate description (take note D-Links marketing department)

This is what it looks like...

The Front

The Front

The Back

The Back

So - whats so special about it? You may be asking - if you have gotten this far...

Its probably easier to explain how this product has helped 2 VOOT clients this week. Imagine - 2 small businesses, struggling along at the very end of the telephone line, MILES away from their nearest exchange. They've been complaining for years about how slow their broadband is, they've been getting promises year on year about fibre becoming available, but as yet - NOTHING. And then - all of a sudden - the mobile networks launch 4G... and as we all know by now 4G offers data speeds approaching those available on Fibre...

The above router doesn't plug into the telephone line. Oh no. Its much cleverer than that. We put a SIM card in it, which as a data plan attached to it, switch it on, and it finds the 4G network (where available)... It holds the connection... The device is plugged into the office netywork via the LAN/WAN sockets at the back - and hey presto - client who struggled along with 1mB downloads, and less than that for uploads, now has speeds in excess of 20MBPS.

Yes. Thats right. TWENTY... 

We think these are going to be very popular. Call us now, and we'll bring ours along and enthusiastically demonstrate. But we won't leave it with you to try it out. We know you won't want to give it back :-)


Nigel Short

Aston, S26, United Kingdom