Swift 'Cover' themselves with glory...


Before I started this piece - I googled 'cover yourself with glory' and it stated  

To be very successful and earn admiration

I've been a client of Swift Cover for my car insurance for 3 years now, and as is the case with most motor insurers, you never really judge them until you have to make a claim... 

Here at VOOT we are always ready to 'doff our caps' when we are WOWed by great customer service - and Swift Cover have definitely earned a good 'doffing' on this occasion!  

2 short weeks ago yours truly was rammed up the rear end (oooerr) while waiting innocently to turn right at a junction. The other party admitted liability fairly instantaneously but even so, Swift Cover excelled themselves. A courtesy car arrived instantly (nice Mercedes), the claim handler was incredibly courteous, a man called and took away the injured vehicle and assessed the damage, the claim was approved and I'm looking forward to being back in my car by the end of the week.

Minimum fuss, minimum impact to my daily life, and all dealt with entirely on my behalf by the friendliest, and most efficient staff. Swift do get a bit of bad press for being almost entirely 'online' - but in my view thats entirely unjustified. They will certainly be getting my renewal next year. Thank you Swift. 

*cap doffed* 

Nigel Short