Orange announce RPI tariff price rises...


EE has announced that due to inflation, there will be a line rental price increase of 2.9% on its Orange Small Business Tariffs. This increase will come into effect on the 10th July 2013.

Only mobile line rental charges will be affected by the increase, all other charges such as call costs, texts, add-ons, boosters that aren't included in a customer's allowance will remain the same.

The following plans will be excluded from the price increase:

•30-day SIMO plans
•12 month SIMO plans that launched in February and March
•Solo plans launching 3rd June
•MBB (30-day & 18 month)

Small business customers who upgrade between April 10th and June 10th and new small business customers who sign up between April 10th and May 28th will see a freeze on the price rises for six months. This means a credit product will automatically be added to their account from the bill they receive from the 10th July and will remain for 6 consecutive billing cycles. The credit will appear on their bill as ‘Bus Price Rise Exemption 6 months’. After 6 months that product will drop off and they will pay the increased amount. For most customers this will be January 2014

All affected customers will be contacted by letter from 29th May to advise them of price rises. This will provides customers more than 30 days notice of the changes. Customers without an available address will also receive an SMS informing them of the price changes, and FAQs will be available in the letters sent out and on

Note: Any % based discounts will stay on the account and apply to the new monthly plan price. If the plan price increases, the % discount in £s will also increase. Any fixed £ value discounts will stay on the account and remain at the same value as before the increase.New small business customers who sign up between 29th May and 9th July on affected plans will not get an increase.Small business customers who are on a consumer plan had a discount applied (PRI Discount – Business 2013) to their account on April 10th when the consumer RPI increase took place. This discount will be adjusted to reflect the RPI rate of 2.9% from 10th July 2013

Nigel Short