Its hard to be anything other than incredibly sad about todays demise of HMV

Yours truly has very fond memories of queuing for the weekly music fix of whatever single or album I was buying that week... And yet - it seems that its a salutory lesson to us all on just how no business is above progress and we all have to make sure that we stay at least in the game, if not ahead of it.

We're actually wondering if this is a sign that the more discerning purchaser is moving away from mass globalisation, and back towards the more specialist retailer. Maybe we will see more independent shops back in the High Street soon.

Obviously there will always be the consumer who service matters not a jot to - they want the cheapest price regardless, and of course internet shopping with its relatively low overheads will always be there for that.

The telecoms marketplace is very similar - there will always be a cheaper deal to be had - but where do you draw the line? Quite often we meet clients who think they have the best deal ever - but because they have had poor advice (or none) from online retailers they could actually be paying even less by getting the right advice.

Only you - the consumer - will know. Its an interesting development and I'm sure we will be seeing more pretty soon... Tell us your thoughts.