VOOT shortlisted for 'Excellence in Customer Service'

VOOT were delighted to discover today that we have been shortlisted for a 'Excellence in Customer Service' award by North Notts Business Awards.  Announced at this mornings NNBC Breakfast Networking (one of the best gatherings we've attended by the way - with lots of businesses there) this award will be presented at the forthcoming Awards Ceremony in March, at the beautiful Hodsock Priory.  We can't wait to be there...


The business telecoms industry increases in complexity on an almost daily basis. New products are launched constantly, hardware, software, must-haves and nice-to-haves.... And quite often the totally useless!

The Telecoms industry is awash with companies happy to recommend all of these services and products - to any business happy to sign a contract. Many contracts too are full of pitfalls for the unsuspecting buyer... And many of these are even inflicted on the Great British Business by household name companies who really ought to know better!

VOOT was launched 3 years ago with a single mission. To become the first company local businesses thought of when thinking about telecoms. We feel that is quite a stretching target - but it’s one we are also confident of achieving. Word is starting to get round...

"I’m tied in to my contract…but when I dropped my Blackberry 30 mins before I had an evening business event to run (and had to leave my daughter with a babysitter who couldn’t then contact me!) Nigel drove to the event with a spare Blackberry for me at 7pm.  I couldn’t believe that a company who I have never spent a single penny with would go that far to save my business, event and sanity.  Voots NON-customer service is really the very best around…so their customers must be the luckiest in North - Nottinghamshire!" - Victoria Roberts - Star Professional Solutions - Director

VOOT aims to deliver its mission by turning the way the industry does things completely on its head. Instead of customers hunting through reams of contracts and proposals hunting for (often extremely well hidden) traps for the unsuspecting client - we do that for our customers and prospects. Often with incredible results...

"We use VOOT for all our telecom requirements. The reason is simple, we receive great service. From the reviews of our services to the refunds which we get from networks where there has been a billing error, VOOT have always been proactive and efficient. We don’t deal with a faceless, often nameless person in a call centre, instead we call Robert. We have grown to almost 50 mobile users in the UK, operating at two sites and are now moving into a new £1m site. We have every confidence that VOOT will manage the lines and new system installation smoothly." - Steve Marsh - Kyosera Walmsley - Director

In 2011 we delivered our usual consultancy services to clients, ranging from the Sole Trader to large national companies. We give ALL of our clients pre, during and after sales service well in excess of that they receive anywhere else - and that is why we lost only one client in the year. That client had resisted all attempts to work as a business partner - insisting on an adversarial transactional process. We were happy to let that client go.

90% of all new clients to VOOT joined as a result of referrals from our existing client base. All VOOT clients are managed by the person who initially developed their account from prospect to sale - meaning long term relationships and often these stretch into outside of work too. One of our clients takes director Robert Tingle trout fishing regularly, and Nigel rarely declines an invitation to football games with numerous customers.

We believe that our approach to customer service is a massive factor in our recent growth - and we really are proving that old adage about its easier to keep a customer than buy a new one.