A heartwarming story about great Customer Service...

Yours truly was in Durham at the weekend and enjoying the sights, when I happened across Ernest Jones jewellers... Nothing particularly exciting about that you might think but read on :-)

I was looking at their range of watches in the window, and they stock the Tissot range which includes the i-Touch... and I own one!! And looking at the display reminded me that the digital watch has been out of sync with the hands ever since my replacement battery was fitted some months ago.

I walked in, met with Tina who said this was a common problem, went into the back room for an instruction manual and resolved the Sync problem in minutes! She then asked if I posessed a manual for my watch and I don't, it actually got ruined after a flood in my garage when the roof blew off last winter!!

She offered to order me one. I agreed...

She just called me this morning, has secured a manual from Tissot and when I pointed out I never expected her to actually follow through with her promise and that I actually live in Sheffield - she offered to post it to the Meadowhall branch for me to call in and collect..

Now thats what I call attention to detail. Take a bow - Tina from Ernest Jones in Durham - credit where it's very much due.  Thank you. I hope your bosses at Ernest Jones reward you for making me an Ernest Jones customer of the future.

This is exactly the philospohy we have at VOOT with people we come across - all advice is given freely regardless of whether you've actually become a customer. Our view is that if people consistently call on us for advice or care and we give it - then one day they may well just call on us to become a customer - or pass on our details to a friend who may need it....

Nigel Short

Aston, S26, United Kingdom