80% of UK mobile users on wrong tariff

For the sake of clarity - lets just repeat that. 80% OF THE UK'S MOBILE USERS ARE ON THE WRONG TARIFF.

Todays Press was full of the news announced by Billmonitor - an Ofcom approved bill analysis company - that Britons on average spend £195 more per year than they should on their mobile phone bills. Apply those averages to a business - that may have numerous handsets - and it doesn't take a genius to work out that this can add up to significant sums of money.

At VOOT - far from being shocked by these figures - we are delighted that the message appears to finally getting across. We have been telling people this for some time - and demonstrating to our growing band of customers how we can provide independent analysis and a more appropriate tariff for our customers.

While businesses can do their own work on this and purchase direct - we see very few clients who have made this approach work.  Here at VOOT we don't charge a penny to our customers for analysis - and in over 90% of cases we save our customers over 20% per annum on their mobile bills. I think thats another stat thats worth repeating. WE SAVE 90% OF OUR CUSTOMERS OVER 20% PER ANNUM ON THEIR MOBILE BILLS.

So - we can save you money, we don't charge you anything, you get all the benefits of free consultancy while being billed directly by the networks, and we even provide you with ongoing customer service over and above the networks own.

THATS WHATS KNOWN AS A NO-BRAINER. We look forward to hearing from you.