iPhone '6' already developed and waiting...


With rumours circulating about the release date of the forthcoming iPhone5, VOOT attended a seminar last night where we were treated to a glimpse of the future. Treated is definitely the word too.

Long renowned for innovation - Apple demonstrated (and we mean demonstrated - this is developed and working!) the iPhone 6 - and we've never 'seen' anything like it.

The iPhone 6 will change the way the world thinks about everything. Apple have been working with the famous professor Steven Hawkings, to develop thought process into the written word.

This work has been underway for some years now - and initially was aimed at the world of Macs... but as technology raced ahead it was deemed as 'absolutely the right thing to do' to develop this for the mobile environment.

They've abandoned the touch screen in favour of a cochlear interface that will transmit brain patterns into electrical impulses - and these will be transmitted to a retinal implant that will 'project' the images onto the surface of the eye - amazingly in HD format - and you just 'think' where you want to 'press'... read... scroll... pinch and zoom... browse and type.... its absolutely incredible and uncannily accurate.

Amazingly - the cochlear implant will also allow users to use the software to dial out and hear the other party - and with a microphone fitted into a separate implant embedded into the tooth - this really is the most portable mobile 'phone' ever developed. Apple suggested this may well be on sale by 'final quarter 2012'... and we are already gearing up for what will be unprecedented demand.

We were gobsmacked last night - and no less gobsmacked as we wake up this morning.  If anyone would like copies of the literature we were given yesterday - please email me at nigel@voot.org