A Firm Approach to Business Networking...

Here at Voot our business is based heavily around networking and referrals from our satisfied customers.

We are always on the lookout for new networking groups - and right now we appear to have found a BRILLIANT one in 'The Firm' - and groups are springing up all over South Yorkshire and beyond.

This morning we attended the launch of 'The Dinnington Firm' - held at The Royal Elephant Restaurant.  Quite apart from the fantastic breakfast we met up with a large number of new businesses all keen to talk about their own products - and of course listen for new contacts to help in their own businesses.

If you've never attended events like this - or have but been unconvinced that its for you or your business - or even if like us you are simply looking out for more people to communicate your companies message to - please look out for future events coming up soon.

On Tuesday 15th March we will be at the Sitwell Park Golf Club in Rotherham for the 'Rotherham Firms' networking breakfast.  Want to join us? Give Fiona Morgan of Alexandra Buffet Company a call on 01709 780757 to reserve your place - and ask her about the most fantastic cheesecakes she makes while you are at it!

Nigel Short