More than one way to skin a cat... (a case study)

We were approached by a potential client last week who had completed our 'Teabreak Tariff Audit' challenge...

They were a local business making regular calls to their customers who, in the main, were more often than not only contactable on their mobile phones... The Receptionist would spend the day dealing with incoming calls, and confirm appointments using the same phone (tying up the line for incoming enquiries). Its quite a common scenario.

Calls to mobiles were being billed at around 8.5p per minute - which is reasonable (but not as good as our rates) and they were averaging around 1500 minutes - around £127.50 per month. In addition another 1000 minutes of calls were being made to local and natioonal numbers at 2.5p - a further £25.00 for calls.

We thought about this - and instead of adjusting their call rates - we have been able to recommend the installation of a desk-based mobile - which will allow either a receiver or headset to be used. Instead of plugging into the wall - this handset will use a SIM card and a mobile tariff - Orange Solo 40 giving the customer 1800 minutes of calls to mobile phones every month and UNLIMITED calls to landlines - all for £40.00.

We're supplying the phone £Free Of Charge - and the customer will see a £112.50 per month saving on their call charges!! How good is that?! And all assessed and saved in the time it takes to drink a cuppa!

Have YOU done our Teabreak Tariff Audit yet? Perhaps you should!

Nigel Short