We do other stuff too...

We do other stuff too...

We’re really well known for telecoms locally these days - and everybody knows about our attention to detail, friendliness and above all our commitment to giving our clients truly brilliant service. We’ve won awards for that.

But what we don’t talk about anywhere near enough is some of the other stuff we help our clients with - and how we intend to extend those products to other clients. So. Here goes…

This phone could be music to your ears

This phone could be music to your ears

With all the ‘leaks’ and reveals coming from the Samsung stable over the last few weeks, there was not much more to reveal at the Unpacked event. The Note 9 is an impressive phone and owning one will be all you expect from a high-end phone.

Penny pinching ideas for your telecoms

My mother said, if you want to save money ask a Yorkshireman how to do it.....So we asked Nigel, and he said....

penny pinching ideas to save money on your telecoms



Saving money on landlines, might be as simple as asking yourself do you really need a landline? With VOIP systems redirecting the call to a mobile, you can still have that landline number, but with the mobile freedom. Check out our blog from March

If you need to keep a landline, you can still save money on calls. Firstly, stop making calls to mobiles from your landlines. Today. Now. This minute.  They cost up to 12ppm and usually you will get mobile to mobiles calls within your mobile tariff minutes. Shockingly 70% of landline users do not really know what is and what is not included in their tariff. As there are over 300 tariffs today available, you are excused, a little. However, you should check the contract today and consider whether it is still a good fit for your business.

The average per minute rate for calls from a landline is 3pm and most carriers have a minimum call charge, BT for example is 4.5p. Some carriers do say no minimum call charges, however if you can get a carrier with charge per second-with no call setup fee or minimum call charge, take the deal.

Lastly SAY NO TO 0870! Calls are 8ppm; there are websites you can find alternative numbers to call.


You can make some big savings on mobile phones. Tariffs change every 3 months, so consider that when you come to renew your contract.

New phone

Most people cannot wait to get themselves a shiny new phone each time they renew their contract, but if you really want to save money, consider whether you can survive with the relatively new phone you already have in your hand. Sim only deals can be as good as the current (May 2017) 20GB for £20 with unlimited minutes and texts, ask us about it.


Do make sure to analyse your phone bills. You will need the last three bills - jot down your mins/texts/data usage for each month and work out the average.  Then check out the tariff choices available. If you do this regularly, when you come up for renewal, you will be sure you can get a better deal for you and your usage. If you signed a 24-month contract, remember there are early upgrades available.


Watch your data usage

We have an example of one of our customers, who refused a £4.25 500mB data bundle that we had advised. They went on to use over 500mB in one month at £2.56 a mB, resulting in a £1,300 bill...

Most mobiles today have a data quota limit with a warning, which you can set to make sure you do not go over your contracted data usage.

Directory enquiries

Directory Enquiries

For those that know us, we do not highly recommend directory enquiries, pleasant and informative as they are, the cost outweighs the use. If you really cannot resist calling them, please never ever say yes to your call being diverted through to the number, as the call on some networks is over £5.00pm with ongoing metering! They will text you the number if you do not have a pen and paper to hand. A 10-minute call that should come from your bundle could end up costing you £50.00 – do that once a week and you have just added £200 a month to your bill...

Non-Geographic numbers

Try not to dial Non Geographic numbers from your mobile – basic rule is anything starting with an ‘08’. They are not included in your bundle and rates are generally 3 times those of calling from a landline...


save money on broadband


Saving money on broadband is not as easy, though finding a good deal to start with, will get you halfway there. Do you really need to have broadband both at work and at home? Alternatively, could you combine the two with a dongle? Not sure, why not ask us and we will steer you in the right direction.

Instead of hitting the usual comparison sites, try Ukbroadbandfinder.co.uk – put in your postcode and check, which carriers operate in your area and their rates.

#bedforawayfans - football (and Twitter) at its best

Football fans in general get a pretty rough press. Indeed even this evening it appears that some nutter has caused an explosion, injuring a Borussia Dortmund player on his way to a Champions League game with AS Monaco...

Here at Voot we love our football, and it pains us that this often leaves us compared with idiots like this. We have great faith in the 'football family' worldwide - it connects people, a common interest, and brings people of all cultures together in passion, emotion and respect. And tonight, it didn't let us down.

The football family came together, and embracing Twitter the hashtag #bedforawayfans was created, and along with it literally hundreds of offers of rooms for AS Monaco fans came pouring in from the residents and fans of Dortmund, meaning they can stay in the city and see the rearranged game tomorrow. Wonderful. This is what the Football Family is all about, this is what football is all about, and it fills us with admiration for those fans who have embraced it.

Its not about idiots like the guy who got the game abandoned. Well done to all, and here's to a replay without further  a incident off the pitch.  




EE Bah Gum - its good coverage!

ee logo.png

EE is the best mobile operator for 4G coverage in 14 of the most populated areas in the UK, says a new report.

The network dominated rival firms O2, Vodafone and Three, according to statistics from RootMetrics.

It assessed coverage in Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds and Bradford, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield.

EE delivered at least 90% coverage in 11 of the 14 areas, while Three failed to hit that figure in any of the cities included in the report.

O2 and Vodafone, meanwhile, only hit the 90% mark in three areas. 

Below are the 4G coverage results (%) for each area included in the report, starting with Sheffield - our most local tested area;


  1. EE: 96.2

  2. O2: 86.3

  3. Vodafone: 85.9

  4. Three: 71.4


  1. EE: 98.1

  2. O2: 94.6

  3. Vodafone: 91.9 

  4. Three: 75.1


  1. EE: 98.3

  2. O2: 89.6

  3. Vodafone: 89 

  4. Three: 76.3


  1. EE: 92.2

  2. O2: 69

  3. Vodafone: 68.1

  4. Three: 56.7


  1. EE: 86.5

  2. O2: 60.4

  3. Vodafone: 60.4

  4. Three: 43.1


  1. EE: 96.1

  2. Vodafone: 87.4 

  3. O2: 87.1

  4. Three: 67.2


  1. EE: 89.1

  2. Vodafone: 88.4

  3. O2: 86.6

  4. Three: 55


  1. EE: 89.4

  2. Vodafone: 77.2 

  3. O2: 77.1

  4. Three: 58.4

Leeds and Bradford

  1. EE: 90

  2. Vodafone: 82.1

  3. O2: 80.8

  4. Three: 61


  1. EE: 95.6

  2. O2: 83.8

  3. Vodafone: 82.1 

  4. Three: 63.2


  1. EE: 99.8

  2. O2: 94

  3. Vodafone: 92.9 

  4. Three: 80.9


  1. EE: 90.7

  2. O2: 77.3

  3. Vodafone: 76.5

  4. Three: 65.1


  1. EE: 99

  2. O2: 94.8

  3. Vodafone: 92.6

  4. Three: 81.7


  1. EE: 95.6

  2. O2: 81.2

  3. Vodafone: 80.5

  4. Three: 72.1