My Fitness Pal

If you are not using this app, to track your food and exercise then you are missing out on a great tool for losing weight and staying on track. As it is the New Year and many of you are looking to drop that little bit of weight you gained over the Christmas feasts, this app is a recommended way of assisting you. Essentially, it is a food diary, however as part of the Under-Armour group it also integrates with other apps and devices, such as Endomondo, the exercise tracker app, the Withings scales, and fitness bands. keeping all this valuable data in one place ready for you to review. You can also set your macros up to whatever diet you are following, be it Keto, Low Fat or just lower sugar. Your nutrients are also tracked. There is a barcode reader so you can enter food values easily and accurately. Not just a calorie counting tool.